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Page 18 of 71 • November/December 2016 • SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE 19 visualization of where it's happening , and knowing what to do to effectively and proactively respond to the unfolding event. Understanding What is happening While previously, all of the systems mentioned above functioned separately, they are now integrated into a common operating picture, along with automated response plans. Situator's unified management of all systems and sensors provides Denver RTD operators with a clear, unified view, without having to navigate multiple sub-systems. The Denver RTD Security Com- mand Centers are manned by certified 911 law enforcement dispatchers whose first priority is to ensure the safety and security of passengers and personnel. To this end, the Security Command Center monitors potential threats and trouble spots across hundreds of locations and are ready to tackle everything criminal or otherwise. They now have the tools and sup- port via automated, pre-defined workf lows to proactively coor- dinate a real-time response that includes federal, state, local agen- cies, and armed onboard officers. Visualization of Where it is happening In addition to knowing what is happening , it's critical to know exactly where it 's happening . Through GIS integration, sensors, doors, video cameras and other data are all overlaid on Denver RTD maps. This enables person- nel to have immediate clarity on the location of an incident. They are able to drill down to view alerts on live or recorded video, and other important details such as tenant information, that are now part of the GIS picture. Knowing What to Do Armed with the 'what' and 'where', operators need to know 'what to do'. Standard operating proce- dures (SOPs) which are specific to the event automatically pop up on the operator's screen. These SOPs are captured in the form of adaptive workflows that guide operators and field personnel to act according to the Denver RTD's established best practices. This enables the Denver RTD to transform its past experience into action- able intelligence, enabling them to make immedi- ate, informed decisions when incidents occur, and quickly return to a normal state of operation. When network dependability is critical, the transmission products you choose today affect how your network performs tomorrow . ComNet is the Solution to Your Communication Challenge GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE TODAY - AND TOMORROW ComNet – Communication Solutions for the Long Term • Only ComNet Offers a Complete Fiber Optic, Copper, and Wireless Communication Solution • ComNet Products are • Exclusive • Experienced ComNet Customer Care Specialists Who Understand Your Application are Here to Support Your Every Need Tel: 1 203 796-5300 Toll-Free: 1 888 678-9427 Request information:

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