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www. • September/October 2016 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 21 quality of service interruptions and had no idea that encrypted public safety data was also being transmit- ted at the same time. Simulated events included suspicious individuals entering a dorm on the UofH campus and gang activi- ties at NRG Stadium with. In both cases, subjects were tracked as they moved about and fled the scene. Mul- tiple cameras were used to follow the suspects fleeing the scene of simulated criminal activity. Building blue- print data was transmitted to all responding agencies. Images of the suspects were emailed back to Com- mand and then datacast to all pub- lic safety responder/participants. (Attend the session: "Datacasting: Public Safety Broadcasting Capa- bilities to Responders in the Field" on Wed., November 16 at 3:40 PM at Secured Cities.) The coordinated event was deemed a success. [1] Conclusion Not every technology follows the "hype cycle," but it is extraordinari- ly important to recognize those use- ful technologies often just begin- ning the climb to maturity and multi-industry acceptance. A great example of this is video analytics, whose developers have leveraged established and emerging technol- ogies to create real cross-industry collaboration tools. Next genera- tion codecs are another; after all, what good is less data when such sophisticated analysis is available. And what of these technologies will best accommodate safety, security, and sustainability in our world's global urbanization trend? The answer may lie in that profes- sional engineer's statement on the need to work together on common causes, special causes, and practice Epistemology, the theory of knowl- edge: "In God we trust; all others bring data." REFERENCES: [1] "City of Houston Collaboration Leads to Innovative Solution for First Responders," date last updated (21 December 2015). Web. Date accessed (06 May 2016). [i] "World Urbanization Report," United Nations, 2014 revision. Web. /unpd/wup/Publications/Files/WUP2014-Highlights.pdf [ii] The hype cycle is a branded tool created by Gartner, an information technolog y (IT) research and consultancy company. [iii] Video Quality Evaluation Methodolog y and Verif ication Testing of HEVC Compression Performance, IEEE Transactions On Circuits and Systems For Video Technolog y, Vol. 26, No. 1, January 2016, http:// /stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=7254155 [iv] The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) compares license plates against its National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. law Request information: Risk never sleeps. Neither do we. At G4S, we're always on the job. We work around the clock and around the world to help security professionals mitigate risk and protect assets. And we make it easier than ever to get everything you need – from security officers and technology to monitoring and investigators – to address any challenge that may arise. To learn more about our services, please visit or call 855-622-5544. Security Officers Systems Integration Compliance & Investigations AMAG Technology Please visit us at BOOTH 3151 at the 2016 ASIS International Seminar & Exhibits in ORLANDO from September 12 - 15

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