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FEB-MAR 2015

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February/March 2015 • SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE 23 developed into new and emerging technologies, or retrofit in exist- ing technologies through the use of a Secure Digital or Micro SD card, which are currently available on most IP digital cameras. The deployment of this technology, and leveraging the use of existing technologies, figures to reduce implementation and installation cost, in addition to providing upgrades instead of costly replace- ment of Bosch IP cameras. Floyd Jennings, Program Man- ager at the Federal Protective Ser- vice Physical Security Training Academy, said that limited interoperability and compatibility of video surveillance and intrusion detection systems (IDS) significantly limited the operational efficiency of dispatching of emergen- cy personnel when needed. The integrated solu- tion provided by Bosch and SecureXperts, which is in operation at the Academy, met the high level goals and objectives needed to provide the first responder community secure interoperability. How the vendors worked together The FPS Physical Security Training Academy, located at the US Department of Homeland Secu- rity Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLTEC) in Glynco, Ga., collaborating with indus- try partners SecureXperts and Bosch, concluded that not only Federal agencies, but municipal organizations as well, have been compelled to introduce stronger methods of authentication and encryption for IP connected devices. Factors like increased levels of sophistication involving cyber-crime, successful exploitation of rogue malicious cyber-attacks, and the inability to pro- tect IP connected devices used for physical/logical systems (including video surveillance cameras) from interception by unauthorized sources, have been concerns. Bosch, SecureXperts, and the Federal Protec- tive Service entered into a joint development agreement that saw the SecureXperts informa- tion security analysts and engineers implement the strongest level of government approved cr yptographic key strengths available (4096 bits) into Bosch cameras used for video surveil- lance applications. The Bosch firmware team developed the compiled libraries and application protocol interfaces containing the "smart chip" that prevents cyber security threats and mali- cious attacks against the IP camera and video surveillance systems used by both Federal and municipal agencies -- especially areas in such high-profile sectors as transportation, medical, SOLUTION BUILDING SECURITY INCREASE SITUATIONAL AWARENESS IP VIDEO INTERCOM Secure your premises and provide instant voice, video and access with our new line of IP Video Intercoms. Vingtor-Stentofon offers a variety of IP audio systems and solutions to ft your large or small facility requirements. See us at ISC West April 15-17 Sands Expo - Las Vegas Booth 14115 CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE! 1-800-836-1730 | | Request information: Bosch, SecureXperts, and the Federal Protective Service entered into a joint development agreement that saw the SecureXperts information security analysts and engineers implement the high level of government approved cryptographic key strengths. Photo Courtesy of FLTEC energy, and other critical infrastructure. FLTEC sponsored two demonstration events for various branches of DHS, who concluded that this solution resolved many issues concerning physical security interoperability with border pro- tection, executive security, and other protective services missions where situational awareness and cyber security were critical elements to mis- sion objectives.

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