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JUL-AUG 2014

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July/August 2014 • SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE 19 thorough internal risk assessments, toured the facilities with the police chief, updated our Red Cross Agreements, upgraded electronic door solutions, closed circuit television expan- sion, DelPASS (911) communications system, AIPhone installation and functional exercises with our local law enforcement. Training on all of the systems was provided. • Dickey: Some of the schools with which I work are put- ting in access control systems and hiring more security personnel. Others are address- ing communication issues through the use of an interior and exterior speakers system, along with strobes for noisy areas, such as cafeterias and gyms as an alert for lock- down or weather shelter-in incidents. STE: Can you share how your schools have funded security technology improvements, or where you are currently seeking funding? • Perchetti: With careful con- sideration, our improvements are funded by short and long range capital planning. There is no funding currently being sought. • Dickey: Since the schools I work do not rely on state or federal funding, they fund security improvements through their budget pro- cess, which are tied to school tuition and donations. • Self: Funding is always a problem for public school systems. I was lucky enough to lobby some of the stimu- lus money that my district received a few years ago to begin some larger projects, such as a complete camera overhaul. My superintendent and school board are very supportive of security, which allows me to con- tinue adding to and funding new projects every year. We also have an awesome technology team that assists me with all installs. We install all cameras in house. We are constantly look- ing for grants, but it seems even though school security is top of mind, funding is still takes a backseat. ❚ FLIR's Changing Video Security… Again 877.773.3547 And it all works together. HD on Any Cable Thermal Cameras for HOW Much? Universal Cloud Connectivity Thermal Fence On Board RMR in Your Future Mobile Apps for Everything Visit f to learn how your life is about to change. Request information: SP O N S O R ED BY

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