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www. • September/October 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 19 Days later, the real event occurs – a massive data breach with catastrophic results. The manufactur- ing process is ruptured, tens of thousands of cus- tomers have their personal information stolen, the company's financial records are held for ransom. Top management finds their names plastered all over the news, and they are ultimately held personally liable for tens of millions of dollars in damages. The com- pany's reputation is in ruins. While this is a worst-case scenar- io, it is by no means impossible. A wide variety of versions of this story is playing out every day right now around the world. It is up to each individual organization to ensure that they are protected in this new risk environment. What is most needed is what is known in IT as a "single pane of glass" – one view that converges and correlates all communications and information necessary for man- agement to make critical judgments and take swift action when needed. This would encompass all business operations and governance along with OT, IT and physical security, providing the resource needed for a full converged risk assessment. This is the new paradigm that today 's businesses truly require, to best pre- vent and mitigate all business risks and liabilities. See figure 3. Positive Disruption: Creating a New, Converged Standard As organizations have individu- ally recognized the need for this converged view, many have taken it upon themselves to create a custom, home-grown version that meets their own needs. While this seems to be an immediate solution, it has drawbacks and limitations. It is costly, requires substantial IT expertise in-house, and is subject to falling short when new systems and devices are added or the net- work is upgraded. Further, should the company be purchased or acquire another business, a whole new set of diverse systems will need to be integrated. The time has come for a single converged stan- dard to be created and made available to all enter- prises, across all industries around the world. As might be expected, there are security professionals, along with the Security Industry Association (SIA), working on this standard now. When complete, it will provide a detailed blueprint for risk assess- ments that address all areas of business. Linear Tape-Open LTO, the LTO logo, Ultrium and the Ultrium logo are registered trademarks of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, International Business Machines Corporation and Quantum Corporation in the US and other countries. Capacity and data rate assumes 2.5:1 data compression. With double the storage, high-speed transfer rates, and LTFS easily accessing critical media files, your team can store more and do more than ever before. LTO-8 technology also o‰ers e‰ortless air gap protection to help data remain virus and ransomware free. LTO ® 8 TECHNOLOGY: NOW WITH TWICE THE CAPACITY AIR GAP PROTECTION 30 TB CAPACITY PER CARTRIDGE UP TO STORE MORE Request information:

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