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www. • September/October 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 29 Intelligent Solutions for a Safer World Learn more at Education Retail Banking Residential Transportation Mobile security is about more than just monitoring individual vehicles. A full solution helps you monitor the security, location and status of your fleet and its drivers on the go, all while utilizing advanced management features from your main static location. #IntelligentSolutionsForYou Intelligent Solutions for:Mobile Emergency Viewing Panic button triggers live feed for remote operators Rugged Housing Cameras are protected in harsh conditions Know when your drivers are off course Fleet Management 4MP IR Rugged Exterior Network Camera DH-IPC-MBW4431N Request information: physical machinery has evolved from manual operation, through mechani- zation, to computerized ICS. In today 's modern world, ICS – sometimes referred to as operational technology (OT) – are increasingly connected to IT systems used in more traditional corporate environments. However, the technol- ogy used in these environments can be extremely different. A Growing Need to Protect ICS Environments In today 's modern, interconnected world, the potential impact of inad- equately securing ICS can be cata- strophic, with lives at stake, costs extensive and corporate reputation on the line. As a result, senior business managers and boards are under grow- ing pressure to improve and maintain the security of ICS environments. This pressure is fueled by: • Significant concerns raised about ICS and cyber risk (e.g. as highlighted by the World Economic Forum) • Cyber attackers becoming increasingly sophisticated and well-resourced — the profile and potential for misuse of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) • Major and widely publicized cybersecurity incidents, along with accompanying headline publicity • Expanding media coverage of technical ICS security vulnerabilities Organizations are therefore faced with a lack of assurance over the security of ICS environments and have serious concerns about the effective- ness of ICS security arrangements. This situation is compounded by an increasing yet unclear level of risk to these environments, and constraints on ICS protection. • Uncertainty about the Security Status of ICS Environments: There are many different types of ICS with varying purposes and levels of criticality, including those used to support complex, critical environments such as a power station, a chemical plant, an air traffic control tower or a car man- ufacturing plant. ICS may also consti- tute simple process control systems for air conditioning units, elevators or vehicles that are often less critical. Consequently, many organizations are faced with a lack of assurance over the security of increasingly diverse ICS environments. • Unknown extent of security weak- nesses in ICS environments : At the Information Security Forum (ISF), our members have expressed con- cerns over the extent and severity of information security weaknesses in ICS environments, compounded by: known technical security weaknesses in ICS components; insufficient con- sideration of security requirements;

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