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www. • September/October 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 41 also allow searches for alarms or activities based on an area of the map by simply selecting a region of interest. This can be extremely helpful when investi- gating specific incidents, or looking at alarm trends. Geospatial surveillance systems are also the basis to perform a full map based, scenario replay. Essentially replaying everything that that operator was seeing on the screen, including alarms, sen- sor positions, map locations and what image was being viewed on a particular monitor. A replay of this nature is backed by real data, so at any point, the reviewer can drill down in the data to get the detailed data associated with the intruder or its track data. Conclusion " Everything happens somewhere" and today 's sensors and applications collect this data, track it and then share it with other sensors many times every second. This is true in our personal lives and is increasingly true in the security world. Today's security professionals should seek to further under- stand the value geospatial sensors can provide and determine how best to incorporate that capability into security operations. In many cases, the current system may already include many of these sensors and it is only a matter of enabling their geospatial capabilities to allow them to provide value within the existing surveillance system. Request information: EVERY CUSTOMER'S situation is unique. That's why custom solutions are a big part of what we offer. We relish the opportunity to think outside the box. Whether you need guidance on a challenging installation, are inquiring about training or want help making a hardware decision knowledgeable technicians with nearly 50 years of combined experience are eager to help you resolve your specifi c issues. Just call 800-729-3839. V I S I T U S A T S O U T H E R N L O C K A N D S U P P L Y · A T L A N T A , G A · O C T O B E R 1 0 D E T E X . C O M / G E N E 6 Understanding location allows geospatially enabled cameras to be steered automatically to a target 's location.

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