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54 SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE • September/October 2018 • www. HID Global Booth #1737 HID Location Ser vices provide increased, real-time visibility into an organization's operations, enabling companies to embed trusted identities deeper into ever yday activities to create a positive working environment, improve building governance and ensure optimum efficiency. Features include: accurate, real-time location awareness and analysis of a workplace using Bluetooth Low-Energ y (BLE), Wi-Fi, and cloud-based technologies; asset tracking across multiple locations; and equipment performance monitoring. Request more info at DoorKing Booth #2814 The DKS Lane Barrier system mechanically links a DKS 1601 Barrier Gate Operator with a surface mounted steel barrier arm. The mechanical linkage ensures that the parking arm and the lane barrier are always in sync with each other. The lane barrier is anchored by a set of steel posts that provide a formidable barrier to oncoming traffic. Available in 9 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., and 14 ft. lane widths, the lane barrier resides in a surface-mounted steel frame when in the down position that also acts as a speed bump to slow traffic. Request more info at dormakaba USA Booth #2525 BEST Shelter 9K X from dor- makaba USA is a respon- sive lockdown solution that quickly creates safe spaces within a facility. Developed with input from those who have experienced live lock- down situations, it includes an innovative set of features and functionality, allowing it to be customized for any customer. When a situation occurs, lockdown is initiated via individual fobs or panic buttons that are connected to repeaters in the building while notif ying first respond- ers. Fobs can be configured to lock a single door, set of doors or an entire building. Visual Indicators and a con- figurable audible alarm help communicate lockdown status (per lock) throughout the building. Info at www.SecurityInfoWatch. com/12190293 Detex Booth #2851 The Detex ECL-230X-TDB is a heav y-duty, easy to install three- bolt multi-point lock that eases a customer's back-door secu- rity worries. Add suffix DX3 (ECL-230X-TDB-DX3) for six lock- ing points. Even if the exterior door hinges are compromised, the DX bolts keep the door locked and secure. Independent laborator y testing proves a door secured by the unit combined with three DX Bolts can withstand 16,000 lbs. of pull force. Request more info at Boon Edam Booth #1715 Boon Edam Inc.'s Circlelock Combi cylindrical man- trap por tal solution helps combat pigg ybacking and unauthorized entr y in high- security areas with fire- rated swinging doors. The unit has a single sliding set of doors on one end and an opening on the other end that is mounted to an existing swing door. This saves considerable space compared to traditional mantrap vestibules created from walls and two swinging doors. Request more info at DSX Access Systems Booth #3145 The DSX Mobile Command app brings the power of the DSX Worksta- tion to an Apple or Android smartphone. The Mobile Command feature allows the activation of custom predefined commands, the locking/ unlocking of doors, control of alarm points and the monitoring of system events from a mobile but secure application. Global functions such as building, campus and district lockdown, incident response reconfigura- tion and even repetitive chores such as momentarily unlocking a door or granting access to a gate can be programmed into Command buttons for easy activation. Request more info at Pivot3 Booth #2471 Designed to support video surveillance and security deployments of 500TB or more, Pivot3's Large-Scale Surveillance Infrastructure Solution provides the performance, resiliency, scalability and ease of use that is required for large-scale environments. The solution can deliver more than 6PB of storage in a single rack while supporting more than 15,000 cameras (750 per node), reducing footprint, power and cooling requirements. It uses a highly-dense platform with advanced features, including automatic failover and advanced data protection, eliminating downtime and data loss resulting from hardware failures and providing the resilience required for mission-critical video applications. Request more info at PRODUCT SHOWCASE

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