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www. • September/October 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 9 CPR training. In such a situation, minutes can make a life-critical difference in the response time. Visual Display Technologies Christie ( pro- vides a variety of building display tech- nologies, including video projectors, light columns built from stacked micro tile displays and f lexible large LED wall displays. As this column is being written, LG is displaying its new 88-inch LED TV in the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin ( All types of display technologies are utilized in smart buildings to set a tone and atmosphere and to convey specific messages. These are all integration points for the building's security systems. A smart building can have floors, walls, and ceilings that are lumi- nous and carry messages, all of which can be used to facilitate security communications during incident response. In an emergency response situ- ation, indoor locating can be used to identify the closest visual dis- play for individual responders and display appropriate incident status information for them. Even more, touch-enabled displays, as well as mobile devices, can provide command and control capabilities throughout the building. Enhancing the Building Experience Indoor locating can also be used by the building's smartphone app to present a "call elevator" button when someone exits a building area into an elevator lobby. This saves the individual the trouble of having to walk over to the elevator dispatch kiosk to present a creden- tial to get the elevator. The security system already knows the autho- rized person's location and can save them the trouble. The person can also make select a floor selec- tion from the app. Indoor locating can be used to provide way-finding directions to an individual's parked vehi- cle in a multi-level parking garage. The building's smartphone app can provide visitor management capabilities to the building's regular occupants, and can automatically notify visitor sponsors of visitor arrivals, and can inform visitors that their sponsor is on the way to see them or provide directions and grant ComNet is Your Solution for Fiber Optic, Copper and Wireless Transmission The transmission products you choose today will affect how well your network performs tomorrow. ComNet offers the most comprehensive line of products designed to solve every transmission challenge. Your Transmission Challenge has always been Getting Your Audio, Video, Data and Ethernet Signals from Here to There. The Shortest Distance Between Two Points View the Full Product Line at and Identify the Fiber Optic, Copper or Wireless Connectivity Solution for your Application Contact the ComNet Design Center Now for Free Design Assistance. Call 1-888-678-9427 or 1-203-796-5300 or email Visit Email Phone 1-203-796-5300 Toll Free 1-888-678-9427 Visit ComNet at ISC East | New York, NY | November 14-15 | Booth 718 Request information: access to a specific meeting location. The app can show the progress of the sponsor to the visitor, or the progress of the visitor to the meeting place. It's visual assurance of what's happening out of sight. This is just a partial picture of the secu- rity system integrations that add value to a smart building's capabilities. Continued on page 14

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