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www. • September/October 2017 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 33 devices from streetlights to grids "smart." Gartner forecasted that 6.4 billion connected items would be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 per- cent from 2015, and will reach 20.8 billion by 2020. The societal growth of at -your- fingertips accessibility and mobile capabilities increases convenience, but with this connectivity comes an expanded risk for threats and breaches. Security is no longer lim- ited to just physical assets; network elements must also be considered to ensure comprehensive cover- age throughout an organization's infrastructure. It's a fact: Operational technology, information technology and physical security devices on the network are potential risks and therefore, secu- rity needs to be looked at holistically since it can be difficult to determine where an attack may originate. Therefore, the correlation of events across these systems is very benefi- cial as it allows enterprises to look at security across all platforms. At the same time, organizational conver- gence is just as important. Cyber, IT and traditional security teams need to combine forces to enhance risk mitigation. However, the fusion of technol - ogy and internal leadership creates a surplus of information and users seek to gain more insights from this combined data to enhance security and business operations alike. We've discussed the benefits of leveraging video and security data for mar- keting , customer engagement and manufacturing efficiencies, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. New use cases are being rolled out on a daily basis as users find innovative ways to leverage the intelligence gleaned from this data. Convergence is really only the beginning. Here are some of today 's most in- demand emerging solutions, pro- cesses and intelligence-gathering efforts that are propelling new lev- els of intelligence and helping build enhanced situational awareness. Biometrics Biometrics is increasingly popular with an array of organizations that seek to optimize security with anoth- er level of access control. With the wide range of available biometrics, such as retina, fingerprint and facial recognition, organizations can quick- ly identify individuals and allow users to conduct forensic searches to locate a specific individual across several locations (for example, imag- ine an airport searching for a known criminal across multiple facilities.) With ever-growing risk profiles, bio- metrics will continue to gain traction well into 2017 and beyond, especially in light of the fact that the technol- ogy has matured significantly — and proven its value — since it was first brought to the market. Deep Learning There is signif icant interest in deploying technologies that help organizations gain more situational awareness and increase insight into the inner workings of their day-to- day functions. The combination of multiple processes, solutions and technologies, as well as aggregating information from various sources helps organizations gain the most accurate information available about a situation at any given time. Tech- nology tools are a valuable compo- nent of building this awareness. Sur- veillance analytics and video intelli- gence, for example, allow officials to quickly pinpoint when an individual breaches a protected area and can also be used in post-event analysis to determine trends. Over the next 10 years, we will see more intelligent systems helping operators to process and assess secu- rity, operational and business situa- tions. The evolution of deep learning will change how security personnel analyze data — generating new data points from video analytics (includ- ing scene object analysis, tracking , face recognition and others). More and more systems will be driven by data analysis to identify risk and help SECURITY THAT SCALES SECURING A COMMERCIAL PROPERTY? GO WIRELESS. Chances are, your application has a wireless solution . Billtrap Alarm Activation APPLICATION Find out today! Tell us about your project at: or 800.782.2709, ext. 1. EN1249 Billtrap Transmitter • Two alarm transmission modes, two and ten-second delay, to reduce false alarms • Wireless design provides ease of installation and drawer removal • Case and back tamper • Smart baiting - LED confirmation Intrusion Alarms, Panic Alarms, Environmental Sensors • Simple and flexible integration • Single facility to campus coverage • Mission-critical reliability Commercial Security:

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