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ASSA, Inc. 1 10 Sargent Drive P.O. Box 9453 New Haven, CT 06534-0453 P hone: 8 00-235-7482 Fax: 800-892-3256 ASSA, Canada 1 60 Four Valley Drive Vaughan, ON L4K 4T9 Canada P hone: 8 00-461-3007 Fax: 800-461-8989 Websites: | Inquire a bout our p roducts at an SHDA Distributor near you. New from ASSA R e se ttable B rass Pad l o ck & 7 0 0 0 Se ri e s De ad b o lt Secu rity f or th e 21 st C en tu ry Request information:

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