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www. • September/October 2017 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 55 "So, we re-evaluated our options and focused on a scalable, secure, and friction- less solution from StoneLock." The StoneLock Pro facial recognition system is designed for maximum scal- ability, with the enrollment and manage- ment of all templates occurring through a central application vs. at each individual device. Additionally, the solution does not store sensitive personally identifi- able information (PII) – something that really appealed to the security team at Dana Farber. "The no PII factor was a big deal for us," said Nerette. " With so much emphasis on cybersecurity and iden- tity theft, every single solution we look at must provide assurances to our employees and contractors that their personal information is safe." The scalability that made the StoneLock system the solution of choice for Dana Farber was due in large part to its integration with the Software House system – a tightly linked operation developed by New Market Solutions that Nerette, a sea- soned industry veteran, has rarely seen. "New Market Solutions is an integration partner with Software House, and we've had a long partner- ship with them," said Nerette. "They have a deep understanding of the C·CURE access control sys- tem and how it should operate with every other system tied to it." New Market Solutions, a Boston- based software development and professional services company, is a long-standing member of Software House's Connected Partner Program – a rigorous program that tests, quali- fies, and audits solutions that are integrated with the C·CURE access control system. New Market Solutions' principal engineer, Wil- liam Kuhn, believes a holistic system approach is necessary to ensure data integrity throughout an enterprise. " We have a data-centric philoso- phy and believe that the goal for any end user should be to manage credentials, personnel, and events of all integrated solutions through one central interface," stated Kuhn. "Additionally, users should be able When network dependability is critical, the transmission products you choose today affect how your network performs tomorrow . ComNet is the Solution to Your Communication Challenge GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE TODAY AND TOMORROW ComNet – Communication Solutions for the Long Term • Only ComNet Offers a Complete Fiber Optic, Copper, and Wireless Communication Solution • ComNet Products are • Exclusive • Experienced ComNet Customer Care Specialists Who Understand Your Application are Here to Support Your Every Need ASIS | Dallas, TX | Booth 1509 | Sep 25 – 28 ComNet's Design Center Provides Free Assistance in Choosing the Correct Fiber Optic, Copper or Wireless Connectivity Solution – Call 1 888 678-9427 or 1 203 796-5300, or Email Tel: 1 203 796-5300 Toll-Free: 1 888 678-9427 Request information: to easily retrieve critical journal informa- tion about the comprehensive solution from one place rather than sifting through multiple systems." This approach is seconded by Nerette, who is now assessing an improved inte- gration being developed by NMS between the access control system and the proxSafe Key Management System from Deister Electronics. The key management system has very high usage – accessed daily by dozens of maintenance and housekeep- ing crews as well as electricians and other contractors needed to keep the research facilities running smoothly. For Nerette, managing the location of those keys at any time is one more piece of the intricate security puzzle that keeps Dana Farber safely running at maximum efficiency.

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