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58 SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE • September/October 2017 • www. we can see striking examples of new IP technology manufacturers beginning to creep their way towards an end-to-end portfolio. Why is there this pull to what in the IT world is so unnatural? Why do companies seem so insistent on polluting their one or two really good product lines with otherwise lower quality companion solutions? What has happened to the notion of best of breed? Proprietary Means Control Clearly, one of the appealing attributes for an end-to- end portfolio is control. The manufacturer has more control over the customers – and locked-in revenue from them - by delivering a broad technology set of offerings. This reduces the risk of other manufactur- ers' products gaining a foothold in their client base. This also allows the manufacturer to offer a more comprehensive product support service, bridging the various products and technologies. And for the systems integrator, this makes quoting, procurement and commissioning easier because all roads lead back to a single manufacturer. This is that "one throat to choke" mentality. But what is ultimately better for the end user? Do they get the best technology solutions from an end-to-end solution? Do they get the best innovation from the combined creative expertize in the marketplace? Is the return on investment maximized, and do they have an open road to adjusting their technology suite to meet their evolving business needs easily and economically over the long run? Are end-to-end solutions really the best thing for customers or are they really just the easiest things for the manufactur - ers and system integrators? VISIT US AT ASIS International · DALL AS, TX · SEPTEMBER 26-28 · BOOTH 2723 D E T E X . C O M / G E N E Y U S S 7 EVERY CUSTOMER'S situation is unique. That's why custom solutions are a big part of what we offer. We relish the opportunity to think outside the box. Whether you need guidance with a challenging installation, are inquiring about training or want help making a hardware decision, knowledge- able technicians, with nearly 50 years combined experience, are eager to help you think through your specifi c issues. Just call 800-729-3839. Request information: Open Should Mean Easy On the other hand, if an open platform approach is better, then what about the question of quoting , procurement, commissioning and support? If the best technology, access to innovation and return on investment is rooted in open platform solutions, how can these solutions defy the gravitational pull of the security industry's fascination with the ease and con- venience of end-to-end portfolios? If open is better, then the companies that focus on delivering best-of-breed products have a responsibil- ity to make quoting, procurement, commissioning and support more seamless and approachable across vari- ous technology manufacturers. Whether it's common industry standards, easier integrations, coordinated marketing or cross-product support, open platform providers have the responsibility to make working with open solutions an easier and less complex expe - rience for systems integrators and end users alike. If we agree that end customers are best served by open solutions, best of breed and freedom of choice, then we must focus on the ease of use and experience related to the combined multi-manufacturer solution. Those of us committed to open solutions are respon- sible for making them easier and more approachable. This is the key to helping the marketplace realize the full potential of the open platform – and defying the gravitational pull of the industry bias. It's time to join together and help the security industry realize its full potential and deliver on the exceptional value proposition of the open platform with integrated best-of-breed solutions. Are you ready to defy gravity together? INDUSTRY VOICE About the Author: Tim Palmquist is V ice President - A mericas for Milestone Systems. He has an extensive background in management and sales in high-tech companies with 25 years of experience in the technology industry. Tim joined Milestone in 2007 as the Central Territory Sales Manager, quickly mov ing up to Director of Sales West US and Canada then V ice President of Sales Operations. Before coming to Milestone, Tim worked in IT sales for 14 years and healthcare administration for four years.

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