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62 SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE • September/October 2017 • www. dormakaba Booth #2321 dormakaba will showcase the following products in booth 2321 at ASIS 2017: Full Height Turnstiles and Gates are especially suitable for securing the perimeter of build- ings and property. Keyscan mobile access control for iOS or Android devices can store mobile credentials in an app. The RCI 910TC enables a simple wave of a hand to activate automatic doors. The E-Plex 7900 RF wire- less lock features a new design with advanced functionality. The BEST Shelter 9K X responsive lockdown solution quickly creates safe spaces within a facility. Request more info at Everbridge Booth #1101 Everbridge Safety Connection, featuring new Pri- vate Incident Zones geo-fence capability, helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people even when they are traveling or moving between build- ings and campuses in proximity of a threat. Notifications can be sent over multiple modalities to ensure the employee receives the message. Request more info at Detex Booth #2723 Detex electrified lockdown systems enable the locking down of external doors quickly with the push of a button, saving critical minutes. Making sure unauthorized people don't gain entr y, con- trolling access within the building, and allowing easy exit in an emergency are all accomplished rapidly with central control. Request more info at Hikvision Booth #3703 Hik vision will feature the Deep- inMind NVR (top photo), which includes a high-speed GPU that processes video data at tremen- dous speed to isolate detection of human subjects, significantly improving video analysis accuracy and therefore reliabil- ity. Deep Learning-based analysis is utilized to recognize human body targets. Other features include: up to 32 IP camera inputs, H.265+ compression technolog y, up to 12MP camera input resolution and 4K HDMI output, and up to 64TB on-board storage. Hik vision will also feature the TurboHD 3.0 DS-7200HUHI-Fx/N DVR series (middle photo) and the DarkfighterX PTZ DF8225IH (bottom photo). Request more info at DoorKing Booth #2520 DoorKing's DKS long range card reader system includes many advanced features that make it an ideal choice for AVI (Automatic Vehi- cle Identification) applications or in any application where longer read ranges, up to 25 feet, are required. The unit uses passive card technol- og y, which means that the card/tag does not contain a batter y, so they never wear out. All necessar y set- tings and adjustments can be made using DIP and rotar y switches on the card reader control board - an easy way to set up the reader system. Request more info at ComNet Booth #1509 ComNet will display Port Guardian, a new cybersecurity feature in its self- managed switches that has the capa- bility to physically disconnect a port if unauthorized access is detected. When network access is attempted by disconnecting an IP addressable device on the edge, an SNMP notifi- cation is sent to the head end and the effected port is physically locked out. Request more info at www. FEATURED EXHIBITOR FEATURED EXHIBITOR PRODUCT SHOWCASE ASIS 2017

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