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SEP-OCT 2017

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D E T E X . C O M / L I V S E C U R L I 3 Advantex line of exit devices & electrical functions Super heavy duty low energy ADA operator Automatically operated door easykits Weatherized delayed egress easykits Tailgate detection L I S T E N • D E S I G N • B U I L D • S U P P O R T FOR US, life safety and security door hardware isn't just a job. We live, breathe and even sleep this stuff. That's why your Detex tech support team is ready to address any installation question, or solve your unique troubleshooting issues quickly and thoroughly. Whether you need guidance with a challenging installation, are inquiring about training or want help making a hardware decision, we'll tackle any issue you can imagine. Just call 800-729-3839. V I S I T U S A T A S I S I N T E R N A T I O N A L · D A L L A S , T X · S E P T E M B E R 2 6 - 2 8 · B O O T H 2 7 2 3 Request information:

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