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www. • November/December 2017 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 27 If desired, this information can then be sent to assets in the field, providing them with live informa- tion on their mobile devices at the point of interven- tion. Likewise, information obtained at the scene can be captured by the first responder and instantly shared at the central control station and any other remote monitoring locations. NERC #4 – Deterrence and Delay Typically, when we think of deterrence and delay we don't envision those actions being taken by the video surveillance system. But in fact, intelligent video com - bined with audio and other devices provides a very effective method for deterrence and delay. One of the primary means of deterrence using video surveillance is referred to as intelligent audio talk down. This is the capability to effectively follow an intruder with video and issue intelligent audio commands to deter their progress. Much like the scenarios already described, audio talk down starts with target detection, automatically steering a PTZ to the target location, locking onto the target and beginning camera auto-follow. Then, uti- lizing a loud hailer or other audio devices along with knowledge of the intruder 's actions, recorded com- mands are intelligently issued to deter their actions. In some cases, the audio device may be directional, being steered at the target using the same PTZ follow algorithm. In other cases, non-moveable speakers can provide the commands. The key to successful audio talk down is the video intelligence, which allows accurate detection, tracking and selection of automated or live audio response. Knowing they have been detected and are actively being monitored is often enough to deter most intrud- ers. However, critical facilities can further enhance the solution with loud hailers and dazzlers, which are designed to physically incapacitate the intruder with deafening alarm tones and/or blinding dazzler lights. NERC #5 – Assessment of Attacks The final area of concern is the assessment of an event, in both real-time and post-mortem, to aid in investigations, pursue prosecution and analyze potential improvements. Video comprises a very large matrix of data, updated 15 to 30 times every second. Intelligent video analyzes this video data - continuously converting it into meta-data - which is then assigned to specific frames of video making it easily searchable and protected for purposes of evi- dence submittal. Forensic video searches are another key capabil- ity that supports the ability to assess events. Most investigations need to understand where the intrud- er came from, or perhaps obtain different views of the intrusion to fully understand the details of the intrusion. A forensic video search allows a user to select any camera or just a portion of a camera's view, and quickly search that video over a defined time period for specific types of activity. It also has the ability to ignore specific sections of the video image, to speed up the search by avoiding regions of high motion. This results in huge time savings and a higher accuracy search over the traditional method of fast forwarding through the recorded video. Video clips that meet the search criteria are quickly dis- played as thumbnails, which can then be reviewed for relevance and then exported as evidence to sup- port the incident. There are many solutions that can be used to com- ply with the tenants of NERC CIP-014. One approach is the use of intelligent video surveillance and com- plementary sensors, as presented in this article and summarized in the figure above. All of these capa- bilities don't need to be implemented to meet NERC CIP014, but it's worth taking the time to consider each and the benefits it can provide in protecting critical portions of the power grid. About the Author: Eric Olson is v ice president of marketing and product management for PureTech Systems, a leader in v ideo analytics and geospatial v ideo management systems. He can be reached at Eric. Olson@PureTechSystems. com or follow him on t witter @PureTechSystems.

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