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NOV-DEC 2017

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4 SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE • November/December 2017 • www. TABLE OF CONTENTS November/December 2017 • Volume 27, Number 5 18 COVER STORY Total retrofit presents challenges for collaborative project team By Steve Lasky COLUMNS 6 My Point of View Steve Lasky The Military Suicide Epidemic 8 Convergence Q&A Ray Bernard Technolog y Lifecycle Management 10 Tech Trends Ray Coulombe Hacking the Lights Out 12 CyberTech Update Liz Maida 4 reasons to rethink incident response playbooks 16 Voice of the Industry Udi Segall Fake news can clutter your control room 43 Cool as McCumber John McCumber Disruptive, you say? DEPARTMENTS 42 Advertisers' Index FOCUS ON CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE 24 Protecting the Power Grid By ERIC OLSON 28 8 Lessons Learned on Perimeter Security for all Healthcare Executives By CLYDE HEWIT T, CISSP, CHS 32 CIP Standards Work to Protect Power Grid By JOE OLIVERI 36 Why Can Uber Find Me But Emergency Services Can't? By MARK FLETCHER 38 Nuclear Power Plants Turn Up the Security Heat By JOHN DISTELZWEIG RISK MITIGATION 40 5 Threat Trends for the Coming Year By SCOT T STEWART 24 32 36 38

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