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NOV-DEC 2017

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Kidde: The Destination for Mechanical KeySafe Solutions Leveraging its 100 years of product design and mechanical engineering expertise, Kidde offers top quality key-control and entry-management products. Choose Kidde keyed or coded keyboxes for no-fuss access to customer sites, remote facilities, and office buildings. Save your customers time by preventing lockouts, lost keys, rekeying locks and cumbersome key audits. Look for new ways to expand your business via Kidde's wide variety of safety and security products. If you use keys, you need one of these. Learn more! or contact Kidde at: 1-800-880-6788 Power Generation Security Emergency Access After-hours Deliveries Worksites Facilities / Hospitality / University / Office Hospitals / Healthcare Request information: Z-Wave Network Diagnostic Tool from Z-Wave Products Z-Wave Products has release a trouble- shooting tool for Z-Wave networks. The Z-Wave Toolbox allows Z-Wave network installers to quickly and easily trouble- shoot common issues such as interfer- ence, range issues, weak links, and connected-device placement. It also allows stress testing of Z-Wave net- works – both residential and commer- cial – and produces easy-to-decipher, colored Network Health Symbols (NHS) that indicate current performance. A flexible and inexpensive web-based device, the self-contained toolbox will work with any operating system in addition to smartphones and tablets. It contains three major applications: Network Health Tester, Z-Wave Packet Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer. Request more information: ANSI-ITL for the Best and Easiest Installation of Trine Electric Strikes Trine's ANSI-ITL is the best way to install both 4-7/8" and 2-¾" Trine Electric Strikes. Lean and efficient - it utilizes only 2 pieces each (screwed together) for the 4-7/8" and 2-¾" cutouts which means less lost parts. The Installation tool can be used with the 4100, 4100DBDL, 4200, EN400, EN435, EN430 electric strikes as well as 478, 478X, 234, and 234X installations on the 3000 series. Adjustments on the installation tool allow for installation even on the lower cutout of the Schlage L series – for use with the 4100 and 4100 DBDL. Additionally the tool includes a scribe pen for accurately marking the cut-out lines on the frame. Two mounting screws for the tool is also included. Please note the ANSI-ITL replaces the older 478-ANSI-ITL model number. The ANSI-ITL is fast, easy, and accurate. Ask your distributor how you can get yours today. Request more information:

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