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VIDEO SURVEILLANCE B 2 4 BIG BOOK WINTER 2017 | SouthComm Security Media COMMUNICATIONS & MASS NOTIFICATION Request information: POWER SUPPLIES Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform Enterprise CSOs and COOs understand that their organiza- tion is constantly under attack, but they can never pre- dict when or if an attack will deal a business-disrupting blow to their defenses. At the same time, executives never know if or when a physical emergency will put information resources, employees, and other key stakeholders in harm's way. As enterprises face the prospect of dealing with a growing range of threats, they should formalize and consolidate their opera- tional response to a wider variety of threats. Everbridge enables customers to integrate and con- solidate disparate tools to deliver the right information at the right time to the right individuals, so the incident response team can make the best possible decisions to manage a crisis. It is designed to help visualize threats, coordinate the appropriate resources, and manage the crisis man- agement process for any size or type of event. It enables incident response teams to operate and communicate more effectively to reduce the impact duration of a critical event, limit business disruption, and ultimately protect employee safety and company brand reputation. Having a single tool with a con- solidated view and a streamlined interface can reduce errors and potentially save lives. At the same time, being able to audit response rates enables greater fine tuning of the system to improve event handling in the future. Request more information: Altronix NetWaySP8WPX Hardened PoE Switch Altronix's NetWaySP8WPX Hardened PoE Switch with Dual SFP (Fiber) Ports is the latest addition to the company's recently introduced NetWay Spectrum Series. Designed for long-distance applications, the NetWaySP8WP is a highly cost-effective all-in-one solution that includes an 8-Port hardened PoE switch, 115W power supply/charger with an enclosure that accommodates batteries. The unit features 2-SFP ports allowing you to connect multiple units and create a fiber ring. Each port is rated at 30W (PoE/PoE+), 2-ports are configurable for 60W (Hi-PoE) and embedded LINQ ™ Network Communi- cations Technology provides remote diagnostic monitoring, control and reporting. Proudly Made in the U.S.A. and backed by a lifetime warranty. Request more information: ELK Auto-Resetting AC Transformers For more than 17 years, professionals have trusted ELK's AC transformers for reliable performance. Auto-resetting PTC overload protection prevents transformers from being blown by a short or overloaded circuit, saving installers time and the cost of a new transformer. Simply remove the short/overload to re-start. Built-in wire strain relief prevents intruders from pulling wires loose from the transformer terminals. A green LED indicator provides visual confirmation of power output. An electrical outlet mounting tab allows the transformer to be securely attached to the outlet. ELK transformers also feature a grounding prong and terminal. ELK's AC transformers are UL listed, RoHS compliant and have a hassle- free LIFETIME warranty. ELK-TRG1640 is rated at 16.5VAC, 45VA, while ELK-TRG2440 is rated at 24VAC, 40VA. Request more information: ELK-965 Low Battery Cutoff and Master Power Switch An extended power outage can wreak havoc on an alarm system. As backup battery voltage drops, the alarm system may begin to operate erratically and a deep discharge can damage the backup battery. Eliminate these issues with the ELK-965 Low Battery Cutoff and Master Power Switch. This compact, easy to install device works with any 12 volt control panel or power supply. The ELK-965 automatically cuts off when battery voltage drops below 10 VDC to prevent a "run-away" system and battery deep discharge. Installers will also value the manual AC and battery on/off switch for simplifying system service and eliminating emer- gency service calls. The ELK-965 is backed by ELK's hassle-free LIFETIME warranty. Also avail- able in a money saving 20 pack, the ELK-965B20. Request more information:

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