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www. • Februar y/March 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 23 Don't Ruin your 4K Image with a sub-4K Lens Theia's Award-Winning 4K Lens Family offers - full 4K Resolution - in Day or Night - at 4-10mm & 12-50mm - in a Compact Envelope for 1/1.7" imagers or smaller for 1/1.7" imagers or smaller +1 (503) 570-3296 Request information: Meeting Tomorrow's Risk Challenges In understanding the threats healthcare organi- zations face tomorrow, they are simply mutations of the threats we face today. How will healthcare security executives navigate this complex portfolio of exposures to best protect their organizations? If you have made it this far in the article you most likely can predict the recommendation I have for today 's security executive to address emerging threats. The mitigation strategy for this year 's emerging threats will be the same as next years and the many years to follow. Develop a strategy that promotes the agile adaptation of your team and available resources regardless of emerging threats. In the coming years (if not already) threats will change and present inside typical planning cycles and exploit gaps in those healthcare organizations not prepared to respond. The ability to adapt in an agile manner will promote the success of health- care security now and in the future. In the end, sustainable success will require healthcare secu- rity executives to rely more and more on a unified approach to prevention, preparedness and protec- tion that can quickly adapt to remediate prioritized threats. We must adapt our teams, protocols and protection models in an agile manner to prevent harm as close to potential onset as possible. If agile adaptation is the answer, what subjects should we all study to prepare? My recommenda- tions would be the visualization of data-driven; value-based outcomes, a process and/or program recalibration methodology and a robust training and development plan. Finally, healthcare security professionals will need to reimagine recruiting and talent development in pursuit of aligning innovative thinking and team skill sets with threat remediation. A commitment to excellence in these areas will help prepare healthcare security teams to adapt and meet the challenges tomorrow in a unified and financially responsible manner. Attributions: (1) pg. 5, Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community, Februar y 13, 2018. (2) GuidanceDocuments/ucm425025.htm (3)

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