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www. • May/June 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 19 Visit us at ASIS 2018 | Las Vegas, NV | Booth 2859 | 25-27 September ComNet is Your Solution for Fiber Optic, Copper and Wireless Transmission The transmission products you choose today will affect how well your network performs tomorrow. ComNet offers the most comprehensive line of products designed to solve every transmission challenge. Your Transmission Challenge has always been Getting Your Audio, Video, Data and Ethernet Signals from Here to There. The Shortest Distance Between Two Points View the Full Product Line at and Identify the Fiber Optic, Copper or Wireless Connectivity Solution for your Application Contact the ComNet Design Center Now for Free Design Assistance. Call 1-888-678-9427 or 1-203-796-5300 or email Visit Email Phone 1-203-796-5300 Toll Free 1-888-678-9427 Request information: developed information working with ser- vice providers and agencies. We provided information and intelligence on deter- mining potential threats. Initially, senior management thought cyber threats only affected certain companies. It was a chal- lenge to inform senior leaders of the wide range of threats." He added that three "E's" are the start- ing point for any CI discussion with management: evaluate and classify the risk assessment and potential threats; engage with the local FBI field office and other industry experts; and educate stakeholders by assessing risk from the C Suite to the bottom up and consider everything, including hir- ing practices." Proactive Planning Can Lessen Potential Attacks It's clear that getting out in front of issues and being proactive is critical. If an organization has a proprietary crown jewel or intel- lectual property that constitutes its lifeblood, a traditional secu- rity program alone might not be enough to adequately protect those assets from theft or compromise. CI 'thinking' expands the stan- dard security protective aperture by considering a broader scope of potential collectors who might be targeting those valuable items, as well as the techniques they use to accomplish that collection, which can be sophisticated and persistent. In many current corporate secu- rity organizations, CI is invariably the cornerstone enabler of insider threat programs, especially for companies who support the U.S. National Security Industrial Base. CI can provide another set of eyes and ears along with a potentially more globally-oriented mindset so that threats will be better under- stood and risk can be more fully defined. There has been an uptick in the deliberate targeting of U.S. trade secrets, intellectual property and next-generation technologies that are still evolving. CI, when imple- mented properly, can help level the play- ing field – because today, many other countries don't always play by the rules. Despite many recent examples of foreign government- sponsored (or condoned) thefts and compromises of trade secrets, U.S. private sector organizations some- times still fail to consider the security risks that globally interconnected com- merce brings. A CI program can and should act as a force multiplier for other corporate secu- rity initiatives. CI integration with infor- mation assurance and cyber security assets of the organization is especially important – many cybersecurity pro- grams feature tremendous technical tools

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