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MAY-JUN 2018

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22 SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE • May/June 2018 • www. CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE T his article presents some ideas on the concepts of protective security and the use of the measures that are being taken to safeguard goods and material as it moves around the globe. It does not attempt to describe the intrica- cies of current supply channel activi- ties, but does, from a personal perspective, speak to what the author has learned about the similarities between the protection of both assets and personnel. In today 's competitive environment, lean man- ufacturing and streamlined processes are valued disciplines. One of the few remaining areas where there is still an opportunity for cost savings and improved service is in a company 's supply chain operations. Today, the market will no longer tolerate non-delivery of the product. To survive and com- pete, companies can no longer simply "write off " product loss or accept unavailability as a cost of doing business. For an increasing number of companies, security needs to assume equal importance with other criti- cal elements in supply chain management. Many companies are now looking to third-party experts, including knowledgeable third-party alliances, to go beyond costly, reactive security procedures and to Steps to Secure and Mitigate Risk for the Global Supply Chain A protective supply chain security policy should be one of a company's core directives By Christopher Hagon

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