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www. • May/June 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 31 Linear Tape-Open LTO, the LTO logo, Ultrium and the Ultrium logo are registered trademarks of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, International Business Machines Corporation and Quantum Corporation in the US and other countries. Capacity and data rate assumes 2.5:1 data compression. With double the storage, high-speed transfer rates, and LTFS easily accessing critical media files, your team can store more and do more than ever before. LTO-8 technology also offers effortless air gap protection to help data remain virus and ransomware free. LTO ® -8 TECHNOLOGY: NOW WITH TWICE THE CAPACITY AIR GAP PROTECTION 30 TB CAPACITY PER CARTRIDGE UP TO STORE MORE Request information: Rather than guesswork and itera- tive attempts to get to the root cause, an automated system verification solution can automatically diagnose the failure immediately when it is detected, and issue an alert with precise information to the proper personnel. By streamlining the procedure of detection, analysis, and confirmation, system maintenance is made massively more cost-effi- cient and effective. Ensuring Compliance Made Easier Compliance for physical secu- rity has become an imperative for many digital security operations. Automated system verification solutions not only help ensure higher levels of security, they elimi- nate the guesswork and anxiety of impending compliance audits and replaces significant manual effort with push-button operations. In businesses where regulations require physical security to be operational in order for them to operate (such as casinos, or more recently retail point-of-sale), being able to minimize maintenance downtime can be a significant factor in that business's profit or loss. Maintaining compliance, while performing maintenance, is a difficult task that can be made much simpler by enabling an automated sys- tem verification solution that proactively reports issues and allows them to be solved more quickly or before a system would even need to be taken offline. One of the most important compli- ance factors for a security or surveillance » Compliance for physical security has become an imperative for many digital security operations. « system is the maintenance of sufficient storage to retain data, including video surveillance, for significant periods of time. Retention periods are often part of regulatory requirements, with fines and penalties if they are not met. Organiza- tions could also encounter legal issues if video isn't properly recorded or stored. For

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