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32 SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE • May/June 2018 • www. CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE example, if a slip-and-fall claim that has turned out to be fraudulent, but an organization doesn't have video and corresponding data to audit for the investigative process, there is no way to determine whether a claim or lawsuit is valid-- and the most prevalent course of action is to pay a costly settlement. An automated system verification solution ensures that the video and data streams of system devices can be continuously verified, and operations personnel are alerted the moment a problem is detected. The solution can also detect and notify the appropriate parties of an impending storage failure before it occurs, preventing such issues from happening. Automated Systems Help in Cost Reduction For problems that can't be detected ahead of time, the proactive reporting enabled by an automated video and data verification solution can help pinpoint the precise location where a problem exists. This signifi- cantly reduces the time required to resolve the issue, which may be as simple as rebooting a device. How- ever, if on-site service is needed, rather than having to take time to diagnose and isolate the problem, a technician can arrive at the affected location with all the information needed to repair or replace compo- nents immediately. Automated solutions help to dramatically reduce the costs involved in maintaining and operating security systems. In addition to reducing the costs incurred by downtime and unnecessary truck-rolls for maintenance, an automated video and data veri- fication solution also eliminates the need for person- nel to continually check systems manually to verify that they are working properly. Not only does this reduce human error and costs, it makes better use of system operators' time and prevents the dispersal of staff away from core security activities. With highly efficient automated video and data verification solutions, operators can proactively verify the continual, uninterrupted flow of video and data for recording and storage. Recognizing the range of potential applications for these solutions, security and IT personnel can seize the opportunity to deliver enhanced security, lower downtime and costs, and deliver more effective and efficient compli- ance processes. Cyber Threats Mandate System Diligence Cybersecurity is another reason why manual meth- ods are not sufficient anymore. The added benefit of addressing the current and growing risk of cyber breaches only enhances the value of this technology. These solutions also help ensure that sensitive video and data is not being viewed by unauthorized third parties, or, in a worst-case scenario, someone who has hacked into the network and can send alerts if unau- thorized activity occurs on the network. Automation also helps in keeping track of what is on the physi- cal security network, a basic requirement for cyber hygiene. Whether it is keeping up with the (now) fre- quent firmware patches needed to plug cyber vul- nerabilities, or looking for "out of band" traffic flows from key devices, the operators of physical security systems urgently need to have information available at a moment's notice to keep their systems free of potential cyber threats. Applying automated verification solutions to sur- veillance and security systems greatly adds to the available data from which system behavior can be tracked and assessed. Use of analytics to improve operations is a key objective in 2018 for many orga- nizations, and its application to physical security can directly improve the safety, security, and risk profile of that organization. The ability to predict potential device failures and reduce unnecessary maintenance calls and expenses can greatly increase overall effi- ciencies. In addition, automated system verification solutions can apply machine learning and anomaly detection to identify events that do not conform to an expected pattern— for example, abnormal internet access from a camera device, which may be the result of a cyber-criminal. Automated system verification solutions ensure that your security system performs as expected, alerts you of preemptive service actions to avoid downtime, streamlines unnecessary service calls, protects from cyber-threats, and reduces overall costs. Taking advantage of the efficiency and the accuracy that these solutions provide for a surveillance or security system can help to provide higher levels of security throughout a business or facility. Most importantly, in moving from a reactive to proactive approach to maintaining physical security, you can demonstrate (and prove with numbers) control over mission and life-critical aspects of your business. About the Author: Bud Broomhead is the CEO and Founder of V iakoo, Inc. V iakoo is an Industrial IoT company with a focus on prov iding Operational Intelligence for IP-based physical securit y net works. V iakoo has built an extensible cloud-based Industrial IoT framework . Its critical infrastruct ure customers include ports, railways, oil & gas, retail, gaming , and education. V iakoo leverages IoT edge-based processing for metadata discovery, capt ure, semantic context ualization, and cloud-based patent- pending infrastruct ure analytics of events, root cause, and corrective actions, to transform metadata into actionable information. » Cybersecurity is another reason why manual methods are not sufficient anymore. «

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