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44 SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE • May/June 2018 • www. 2018 Continental Access is a division of NAPCO Security Technologies and respec ted securit y innovator and pioneer in integrated access and securit y solutions for govern- ment , educ ation & healthc are institutions , airpor t s and business . Known for it s enterprise class securit y management plat forms , Continent al provides it s own optimized, long-lived hardware and sof t ware with leading edge features , i.e., open API, numerous integration par tner s , hosted ser vices , wireless lock s and POE- and Conventional- Controller s . Continent al Access develops tomorrow 's smar t commercial securit y and facilit y management solu- tions today, uniquely creating both it s own hardware and sof t ware for optimized speed and per formance. Nex t- Gen. C A 4K ® Enterprise Access Control & Securit y Management Plat form is a truly sc alable one-box solution – the right f it for right now, and the future. It 's eas y and economic al to use, program, deploy and maint ain, combining integrated access control, wireless locking , alarm monitoring & IP video, plus more integration options & par tner s than ever, including Windows Ser ver 2016 and SQL Ser ver 2014, Avigilon DVR Integration and OTIS Elevator Integration. In addition to it s own conventional access control panels , Continent al now also of fer s integrated univer se™ POE Single Door controller s that f it in a double g ang elec tric al box and provide suppor t for t wo reader s on one door and/or one low current strike, using power over Ethernet , and Net wor x ® Wire- less Access Lock s with built-in ID reader s , that each ac t as multi-func tioning , self-powered lock , intel- ligent edge reader, RE X and controller, all-in-one. Brivo is the original innovator of cloud-based physical security solutions for commercial buildings. Currently ser ving over ten million user s , Brivo of fer s a unif ied securit y plat form including access control, mobile credentials , mobile administration, video sur veillance, identit y federation, visitor management , and elevator control. A s a SaaS company, Brivo also of fer s a complete API plat form ser vice that empower s par tner s to build custom integrations and ver tic al market of fering s . Our mission is to make the world a s afer place by providing a subscription-based ser vice for securing build- ing s using reliable, convenient , sc alable, c yber- hardened technolog y. You can find us at You can find us at

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