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MAY-JUN 2018

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www. • May/June 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 45 Dahua Technolog y is recognized worldwide as a leading video sur veillance solution provider that deliver s high value, excellent per formance, and unparalleled technic al suppor t . Our exper tise in designing and manufac turing video sur veillance solutions for professional applic a- tions spans over 20 year s - with more than 1, 20 0 patent s f iled for innovative sur veillance technologies - devel- oped by our team of over 6 , 0 0 0 R&D professionals . Innovation is one of Dahua Technolog y 's core values . Through continued investment and grow th from within, Dahua provides break through technologic al advances and industr y-leading technic al c apabilities . We strive to provide comprehensive end-to-end securit y solutions that meet the unique and growing securit y demands of multiple ver tic als . Dahua continues to invest in big dat a, cloud computing , and ar tif icial intelligence to enhance produc t features and per formance, including the devel- opment of advanced analy tic s , such as people counting , heat mapping , and facial recognition. Focusing on the full solution means Dahua c an help end user s go beyond traditional situational monitoring , generating critic al dat a that c an help provide grow th and added insight in various applic ations . Dahua also believes securit y should be available in all price ranges . Whether a projec t c alls for top of the line produc t s , lower resolution options , a full upgrade or utilizing existing infrastruc ture, Dahua provides a comprehensive selec tion of qualit y produc t s with it s unique line up of net work and HD over coa xial (HDC VI) c ameras , recorder s , NVR s , intercom, access control and accessories . Our ex tensive of fering ensures that we have the right solution for your applic ation and budget . For more than a centur y, Detex has earned the trust of millions to secure and protec t people and proper t y. From our newest innovations in life s afet y and securit y door hardware to our integrated door securit y s ystems and guard tour verif ic ation technologies , Detex , a USA company, designs , manufac tures , market s and ships our produc t s from New Braunfels , T X and is recognized as a best-in-class life s afet y, securit y and securit y assurance manufac turer. Detex of fers a wide range of life safet y and securit y door hardware product s that are durable, easy to install, and architecturally designed. From multipoint lock s to delayed egress to economical lock s and alarms, Detex manufactures a wide variet y of securit y hardware designed to protect proper t y, provide emergenc y exit s, thwar t break-ins and stop people from sneaking out a locked door. Detex provides ever y thing you need for a customized, integrated door securit y s ystem. Eas y to specif y, order, install, use, and maint ain, Detex Eas yKit s are f ield- proven, code-compliant and meet all of your require- ment s for safe and secure control of building entr y and egress. Detex has built weatherized delayed egress s ystems for outdoor gates, as well as other specialized s ystems. Detex is a world leader in Guard Tour Verif ic ation produc t s and s ystems . Set ting the st andard with rug ged mechanic al watchclock s , Detex continues to innovate today with GC S ProxiPen elec tronic guard tour verif ic ation s ystems . Detex provides toll-free technical phone support , Monday through Friday, available to anyone with questions. Call 1-800 -729-3839 and press 2 to speak with a technician. You can find us at

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