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48 SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE • May/June 2018 2018 Talkaphone is the industr y leader in emergency communications, area of refuge, access control and mass notif ic ation s ystems , providing the best qualit y, technolog y and suppor t . With over 8 0 year s of experi- ence creating communic ations solutions , Talkaphone designs at trac tive, robust , reliable produc t s , and focuses on continuous technolog y advancement , such as with our newest produc t line, the V ia Series . Our engineer s , customer ser vice represent atives and suppor t st af f make client needs their #1 priorit y. We deliver produc t s that are modular by design - allowing us to be the most f lexible manufac turer in the industr y. Our produc t s are durable and highest qualit y in the industr y. They are created to withst and the test of time and weathering so that they are reliable, maint ain appearance, low maintenance, and designed and manu- fac tured in the USA to comply with applic able solution s afet y codes . Answering the c all for diver se and meaning ful produc t s , we address communic ation needs as well as securit y integration. From our ver s atile tower s - which c an house c all st ations , f ixed and dome c ameras , outdoor broadc asting c apabilities and loc al mustering - to our c all st ations themselves which have exceptional sound clarit y, Talkaphone consistently ask s how we c an meet our customer s' needs and pledges a tot al commit- ment to customer and par tner success . Our exper t s apply industr y-leading knowledge and c apabilities to guide development of highly ef fec tive and successful solutions . " For more information, call us at 7 73-539-1100 or visit us online: you have a cross-functional team, and securing C- suite support will make it easier to expedite the remaining steps and expedite compliance. Be sure to document all activities, especially third-party assessments, and have strategic workflows and procedures to ensure efficiency and accountability. Adhering to an organization's game plan is crucial, and takes real work: data inventory, data flow analyses, and data audits. An organization that doesn't fully understand how personal data is being used, processed, and stored can- not establish viable "legitimate interest" justifications or offer its customers transparency and full disclosure when it comes time to seek their consent. Look Beyond Compliance No organization that operates on a global footprint of suppliers can afford not to prepare for changes that will result from new GDPR compliance rules. Falling out of compliance with data regulation can really hit you in the pocket. The checklist of rules requires extreme prepara- tion and responsibility all of which must be shouldered by the organizations who cannot look solely government or regulators for help. The GDPR strengthens the requirements for protecting personal data. It affords individuals new and enhanced rights and freedoms and holds organizations responsible for enabling them. It promises to penalize organizations unable to uphold these rights and freedoms – a risk best managed by establishing an enterprise-wide GDPR compli- ance program. Leading organizations are looking beyond compliance, by extending the breadth of GDPR compliance programs to leverage additional benefits. Examples include: • Consolidating activities into broader information governance programs • Embedding information security into the design of business applications and technical infrastructure • Improving data protection and privacy practices • Extending information security's reach within the business While every organization should judge the risks and rewards of its own data protection investments, the GDPR offers a unique opportunity to translate necessary com- pliance actions into a tangible business benefit. Leading organizations are structuring GDPR compliance programs to exploit these opportunities, mindful of their increased responsibilities to handle personal information appropri- ately and responsibly. Although the GDPR is upon us, it is not too late to join them – May 2018 was the start of the journey to ongoing protection of personal information, something that will be with us for some time to come. Continued from page 43 It's Official GDPR Hass Arrived SPECIAL REPORT

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