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B18 BIG BOOK SPRING 2018 | SouthComm Security Media VIDEO SURVEILLANCE Uniview 5MP StarView Series Uniview has launched 5MP StarView series – higher resolution products with excellent Starlight illumination sensi- bility. The 5MP series applies 1/2.7" backside illumination technology sensor to deliver enhanced low light sensi- tivity and wide field of view. It also features a built-in F1.2 large aperture lens to radi- cally improve the camera's light gathering capability. Through years of accumulated experience, our exclusive U-ISP technology can guarantee superior image quality through enhanced Signal to Noise ratio, unrivaled image definition, and especially by reducing smearing of moving objects in low light. We also gave high priority to ease of use by creating a one-key-stroke starlight mode which works perfectly under static scenes. One more simple keystroke sets a low motion blur mode to produce better images of moving objects. Features: • Ultra 265, deep compression technology to reduce up to 75% storage space • Embedded smart algorithm • IK10 vandal resistant Models: • Fixed lens: IPC2125SR3-ADUPF/IPC325ER3-DUVPF/IPC3615ER3-ADUPF • 2.7~13.5mm, 5X Motorized Lens: IPC3235ER3-DUVZ/IPC3635ER3-DUPZ/ IPC2325EBR5-DUPZ About Uniview: Uniview is the leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. With more than 12 years experience in IP video surveillance, Uniview now is the 7th-largest manufacturer worldwide (IHS Markit). Uniview has complete IP video surveillance product lines including IP cameras, NVR, transmission device, storage, VMS and display devices which feature innovative and leading technologies such as Ultra 265, smart analysis, 4K, starlight etc. Request more information: Theia SL183 Ultra-Wide, No Distortion, 4K-Compatible Lens Theia Technologies' SL183 ultra wide, no distortion lens provides up to 116 degrees HFOV without fisheye distortion. The 5+megapixel resolution lens is part of its family of ultra wide angle, no/low distortion lenses using its patented, Linear Optical Technology® – which cor- rects barrel distortion optically without the use of software, keeping straight lines straight. The lens provides 116° to 77° HFOV with its 1.8 - 3mm varifocal range. The lens is IR corrected for use with Day/Night cameras and with its compact 49.5mm length, it fits in smaller housings and domes. With its EasyZoom™ capability, once focused minimal refocus is needed post zooming. The lens features a slip mount that allows the user to position thumb screws for convenient access to focus and focal range adjustments post-installation on the camera. The lens works with 1/2.3" 4K sensors or smaller, with Manual and DC auto-iris, CS or C mount versions. For full specifications, drawings and CAD files visit the link below. For pricing and availability email us at Request more information: Theia Technologies' Award- Winning 4K Lens Family Theia Technologies' family of 4K Day/Night lenses provides full 12-megapixel performance for the most demanding high-resolution applications, such as traffic monitoring, ANPR/LPR, stadiums and data analytics. Just two lenses cover a horizontal field of view of 7 to 112 degrees, with the SL/TL410 lens providing a focal range of 4-10mm, while the SL/TL1250 telephoto lens offers a 12-50mm focal range. Both lenses have excellent IR correction with less than a 5-micron focus shift in Near IR light for superior Day/ Night performance. And at f/1.4, the SL/TL410 lens offers excellent light gathering ability in low light conditions. The lenses are designed to cover the larger 1/1.7" 4K image sensors while at the same time resolving the smaller pixels of the 1/2.3" 4K sensors. With both lenses measuring only 52mm long (64.5mm TTL), they are the most compact of comparable 1/1.7" format 4K lenses available on the market to facilitate use in domes and bullets, as well as on box cameras. Both lenses feature a slip mount that enables the user to position thumb screws for convenient access to focus and focal range adjustments post-installation on the camera. The lenses are offered in manual, motorized zoom, focus, IR cut filter and motor stops, with DC Auto-iris, P-iris, CS/C and D25 board mount combinations. For full specifications, drawings and CAD files visit the link below. For pricing and availability email us at Request more information: Geutebrück's G-Core VMS Geutebrück is an industry leading video security surveillance systems manufac- turer based in Windhagen, Germany. The company, founded in 1970 by Thomas Geutebrück, today has a global network of employees and subsidiaries who sell, service and support the industry's leading video surveillance technology. G-Core is Geutebrück's Video Management System (VMS) software. This robust platform is at the foundation of the company's continued growth and success. Since its release, G-Core has been recognized for its quality, speed, performance and reliability. To provide customers the very best in a VMS solution, Geutebrück also manufactures its own line of G-Scope servers. When the G-Core VMS software is deployed on a G-Scope VMS server, there is simply no better solution on the market today. There are tremendous benefits from having German-engineered software and hardware that has been purposefully designed and engineered to work together. Geutebrück also offers a Security Information Management software platform known as G-SIM and G-SIM Global. This software offers enterprise-level manage- ment, whether local or global, and provides many features, including personalized user interfaces with stress-free management of alarms; centralized management of user rights across scalable systems; video management across multiple locations with interactive site plans/maps; and multiple failover functions with a full audit trail. Learn why Geutebrück has been the leader in providing intelligent video security solutions worldwide for over 48 years. Request more information: • Wide voltage range of +/- 25% • Full metal body, IP67 waterproof • Built-in microphone

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