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B 2 4 BIG BOOK SPRING 2018 | SouthComm Security Media ANSI-ITL for the Best and Easiest Installation of Trine Electric Strikes Trine's ANSI-ITL is the best way to install both 4-7/8" and 2-¾" Trine Electric Strikes. Lean and efficient - it utilizes only 2 pieces each (screwed together) for the 4-7/8" and 2-¾" cutouts which means less lost parts. The Installation tool can be used with the 4100, 4100DBDL, 4200, EN400, EN435, EN430 electric strikes as well as 478, 478X, 234, and 234X installations on the 3000 series. Adjustments on the installation tool allow for installation even on the lower cutout of the Schlage L series – for use with the 4100 and 4100 DBDL. Additionally the tool includes a scribe pen for accurately marking the cut-out lines on the frame. Two mounting screws for the tool is also included. Please note the ANSI-ITL replaces the older 478-ANSI-ITL model number. The ANSI-ITL is fast, easy, and accurate. Ask your distributor how you can get yours today. Request more information: INSTALLATION TOOLS Trine's 4850ITL Electric Strike Installation Tool Trine Access Technology has developed the ultimate tool for installing electric strikes used with rim panic devices. As with all Axion strikes from Trine, this tool was designed to install the entire 4800 series line of strikes quickly and accurately the first time, making the best installation available today. The 4850ITL is not just a template, it is made from actual production parts giving the installer the ability to adjust for common door issues such as sagging and misalign- ment. By placing the ITL on the frame, it allows the installer to "feel" the strike working with the door and panic device allowing for fine adjustments before holes are drilled. The flexibility and therefore accuracy of the 4850-ITL is derived from our patent pending magnetic holding system built into the body of the tool. Combine this with a custom center punch that is included with every 4850-ITL used to make perfectly centered marks on the frame, this tool is a must for every installer of electric strikes. See the video by searching "4850ITL" on Youtube! Request more information: Platinum Tools' VDV MapMaster 3.0 Cable Tester The VDV MapMaster™ 3.0 (P/N T130) combines continuity testing, mapping, generating tones and length measurement functions into a single easy- to-use unit for installation, troubleshooting and maintenance for telco, network or coax cable. The back-lit display, glow-in-the dark keypad and a built-in flashlight helps you to work in the dark. Whether your jobs are commercial or resi- dential, the versatility and added features of the VDV MapMaster 3.0 makes it a best value cable verifier for the professional installer! • Tests to T568A/B wiremap configuration: shorts, opens, miswires, reverses and split pairs • Single-ended testing for shorts & split pairs • Measures length in feet/meters • Identifies cable location on active ports (switches) using flashing port link light • Identify up to 20 network or coax cable runs at a time • Tests voice (6 wire), data (8 wire) and video (coax) • Audible Tone Generator with four selectable cadences • MapMaster 3.0 is available in four different kits For more information, call 800 749 5783 or visit the links below. Request more information: EXO…The Last Crimp Tool You Will Ever Need Platinum Tools new ezEX-RJ45® Termination System provides a solution for termi- nating larger diameter twisted-pair cables. The new patented EXO Crimp Frame™ is a RJ45 crimp tool that can terminate multiple sizes of cables and conductors, with conductor sizes up to .048" found in Cat5e/6/6A cables. It currently features two interchangeable dies that work with EZ-RJ45® and ezEX-RJ45® connectors. The EXO™ Crimp Frame and dies pair to ensure a flush cut and reliable termination every time. The ezEX-RJ45® connector has a hi-lo stagger design to increase performance and accommodate larger conductors while maintaining the EZ® pass through design…saving time and money without sacrificing performance. The ezEX-RJ45™ Termina- tion System is winner of the Residential Systems "Best of Show" CEDIA award and 2017 BICSI Winter Award. (p/n 100061C). Request more information:

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