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www. • May/June 2018 • SECURIT Y TECHNOLOGY E XECUTIVE 9 Then networks changed and networked cameras changed, but even though cameras became computers with operating sys- tems and built-in web servers, the video industry has been slow to adopt computer and network security designs and practices. Given the nature of today 's technologies and the threats against them, security is now an important part of the design of any networked product. Thus, cybersecurity engineering is a rapidly growing field (see /cybersecurity- engineering /) and has become a critical aspect of the design and manufacture of any electronic security system application or device. The "Building In Security Maturity Model" (https://, originally developed in 2009, is now in its eighth iteration. Vendor Responsibility Securely deploying an electronic security system is the respon- sibility of the installing integrator. However, it is the respon- sibility of the vendor to manufacture securable products, to provide guidance on how to perform secure deployment, and most importantly – to make products manageable at the scale to which they are being deployed. To date, the lack of large camera system manageability has been the primary shortcom- ing of security video cameras. Hopefully, other manufacturers will follow the example of AXIS, and the Security Industry Association will develop stan- dards so that customers with multiple brands of cameras (or any type of networked security system device) can use a single application to manage them all, with vendors contributing the data or software module components required for third-party application support. End-user customers need to be able to use automated tools to monitor and manage their systems, something that IT has been doing for decades. Hats off to ASIX Communications for breaking ground in this important area of electronic security system deployment. Request information: EVERY CUSTOMER'S situation is unique. That's why custom solutions are a big part of what we offer. We relish the opportunity to think outside the box. Whether you need guidance on a challenging installation, are inquiring about training or want help making a hardware decision knowledgeable technicians with nearly 50 years of combined experience are eager to help you resolve your specifi c issues. Just call 800-729-3839. V I S I T U S A T S O U T H E R N L O C K T R A D E S H O W · S T . P E T E R S B U R G , F L · J U N E 2 2 D E T E X . C O M / G E N E 5 » End users need to be able to use automated tools to monitor and manage their systems just like IT. «

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